Integration guide for Android

Two step process to start selling your own game merchandise

Version: 3

Date: 16/05/2019



For games developed on Unity ( Integration guide for Unity ) we offer a multi-platform plugin that supports both iOS and Android. However, if you have developed game on Android platform, please use the following instructions.

Step 1. Create “Merch store” view

1.1. Create a new view for the merch store. See the wireframe on the right.

1.2. For each product, create a block that consists of both, a product image and a button with the price.

1.3. Link the buttons to the correct product as described in Step 2. Link products


merch_vertical merch_horizontal

Vertical and horizontal

The merch store view can be created in both vertical and horizontal arrangements. See examples:

vert1 vert2 vert3

hor1 hor2