Getting Started

Welcome to Monetizr!

Monetizr provides three different integration approaches. All of the processes can be used within a single game.


Brand-sponsored rewards to motivate players


Sponsored rewards for your valuable players


Sell tailored merchandise for your players

To help get you started, we’ve put together a few resources to help you learn about how to integrate with Monetizr.

Following are some resources that we recommend taking a look at!

Integration documentation

Repository and tools

Additional resources

Setting up your account

  • Sign-up for an account here:

  • Activate your account! This is really important to complete so that you can authorize to the account

  • As you start building out your integration, you’ll also want to be able to safely test. Make sure to get your test and live API keys. You can switch your account view to see test data by using the toggle on the left hand-side bar

  • Add your offers and customize them. If you require custom offers that are not available from catalog, then contact Monetizr support

What’s Next

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