What is Monetizr?


Monetizr is an in-game rewards platform that enables game developers to earn the greatest possible return on their in-app ad inventory. With Monetizr branded rewarded missions the gameplay will not be interrupted by traditional ad types. Our missions can be seamlessly interconnected with your mobile game. Players will can be rewarded with the in-game rewards and giveaways.

Monetizr platform is used to manage the monetization process. Developers are able to submit their apps, filter the campaigns, manage mission units and implement multiple ad placements. Monetizr offers two types of integrations:

Quick start

Start your app monetization with quick out-of-the-box SDK integration.

Customized integration

Custom SDK integration by single components, combined with your game content, dynamics and existing rewards.

At Monetizr we've spoken to hundreds of game developers for desktop and mobile platforms. Takeaway - traditional ad formats are way too intrusive and lower players experience with no extra value is created for both advertisers and game studios. This is where Monetizr comes in. We'll give your options to blend branded campaigns inside the gameplay to create an 7-star player experience.

You can also use Monetizr to motivate players to do high-value actions such as game achievements, level completions or In-App Purchases. Reward players with branded power-ups, coupons, giveaways or your custom gear.


Monetizr utilizes Google Cloud services for security, high availability and the ability to automatically scale server resources based on demand. Though sometimes even the best infrastructure can be unavailable and experience timeouts. In those potential cases, Monetizr has built plugins to die silently and not interfere with other processes.

An important part of the functionality is connecting to Monetizr servers. Limiting the ability to make external connections will have an adverse effect on its functionality. Monetizr does not collect any data through plugins other than what is necessary for it to function.

Full control for game developers

Monetizr is building its game e-commerce platform with a clear goal in mind - to develop a self-serve solution that allows game developers to either choose products from Monetizr's catalog, design their own merchandise and sell it through their games or give-away sponsored rewards. No need to think about logistics, shipping, payment processing, and customer support. Monetizr handles all daily operations.

That entails giving Game Developers full control over what's coming in and out through Monetizr plugin. The vehicle of this control mechanism is called an offer. You can control the content of the offer via Monetizr Console.

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