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About API

Get started with Monetizr public API.

Monetizr public REST API allows game developers to create a customized in-game store where players can order physical or digital goods provided by 3rd party vendors. Using this public API does not require any Monetizr plugin and can be set up independently.

With the API you can:

  • show single product or list of products in your game;
  • enable sales transactions inside your game's UI with full control over the cart;
  • let players claim free rewards.

Making an order through Monetizr API will initiate an automated order fulfillment process that is handled by Monetizr. Once an order has been placed you can retrieve order fulfillment statuses and adjust your app content bases on statuses.



The API is an unauthenticated public API - no username or password is required. Only an access token is required. You can use Monetizr's public test token or create your own. The API does not expose any data that can be potentially harmful or can be considered as personal data.

Claim orders require additional authentication. Learn more here.

Note: Before you implement the API be sure that you understand how to manage offers.

Updated 13 days ago

About API

Get started with Monetizr public API.

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