Ad placements

Ad placements are the in-game or app placements where developers want to deliver clear value proposition and incentive for players to opt-in for the campaigns. Advertisers will specify type and reward settings for every mission - this will help developers to connect the right missions to the right ad placements.

By default to start the monetization, developers must activate at least one ad placement.

Default ad placements

  • Main menu screen- default placement showing active campaign trigger
  • Interstitial - placement before, during or after game levels

Additional ad placements specified by the game developers

  • In-game placements - example: buttons, promotional elements, game-related reward placements
  • App loading screen - example: retargeting returning players
  • Fail and Game over screens - example: promoting "get more lives" campaigns
  • Value exchange - users unlock access to premium content that would otherwise be purchased

How to setup additional ad placements is specified in SDK setup section.

Best practices

The better players are informed about the reward they will receive the better conversion rate your game can achieve. Think about monetizing players as soon as possible. After all, most of them are not going to stick with the game for a long time.

Every mission has a completion screen with reward at the end. This is a good practice because some players like to be 100% sure they received the reward. Oftentimes, we can see app store reviews from players who complain about not receiving the rewards from ads.