The campaigns API is using Mixpanel to track the events that the SDKs are creating against the API servers.

After integration Monetizr provides a dashboard with the analytics where you can track the performance of the application and brand campaigns.


The example analytics dashboard

User sessions

Session tracking is a mandatory part of your integration. The Unity SDK tracks session automatically. Sessions are tracked automatically. No additional configuration is needed.

The session timeout is set at 10 minutes. We reset the sessions every 10 minutes if a specific player has not made any more actions.

User properties

The following user properties are tracked using the Campaigns API:

  • age - age of the current user (used for campaigns that are age specific, for campaigns without age without age restrictions is not being used)
  • location - location of the current user (the location is used for campaigns that are targeted for a specific region, for campaigns without regional targeting is not being used)
  • player-id - a unique identifier of the user (property is being used to determine the unique devices that are using the)