Creating purchase offers

Understand the Monetizr API implementation process for purchase offers

Monetizr REST API supports multiple implementation scenarios. But underneath them is one general API process flow which you can adapt to your needs. In this section, you can learn about the API structure for purchase offers and giveaway offers with multiple choices. Head deeper into sub-sections to go through the full implementation steps.

API implementation flowAPI implementation flow

API implementation flow

Implementation stages

REST API documentation refers to implementation stages. They aim to conceptualize API implementation into five categories of steps you can go through depending on your needs.

Stage 1. Acquiring access and connecting to API

Creating Monetizr account is a mandatory step for doing anything besides sample tests. Adding the API to your game connects it to Monetizr servers and allows you to display product information in your game.

Stage 2. Creating an Offer View

Once you have the content ready you can start creating an Offer View for players. Decide on your game design requirements and prepare the interface. Then call for specific product tag to retrieve details about it: header title, description, pictures, price, discount, variants. Use this information and display it to the player.

Stage 3. Setting up Checkout

Offer Views contain an action button that initiates the checkout process. In this process, shipping and contact details are collected.

Stage 4. Creating an order

Once the checkout is ready you can proceed with creating orders. Two types of orders are possible: purchase and claim orders. Each has its own implementation requirements and checkout experiences.

Purchase orders require payment process. You can use pre-built web checkout form (players opens a web browser) or create your own process with Stripe as payment gateway (players stays inside the game).
Note that you will not need to do full Stripe implementation as it's already covered by Monetizr.

Giveaway offers require additional authentication with your servers and validation of claiming rights. Giveaway offers are free for players so there is a risk for fraud. To counter the risks Monetizr needs to validate every claim made by the players with your validation logic. Giveaway offers can be of two types: simple giveway offer and giveway offer with multiple choices.

Stage 5. Completing order

Order completion is the setup of user experience after the order process. It consists of two things: in-game post-order experience and external (out of the game) experience. You can use our order statuses to customize in-game experience immediately after the purchase or claim process. An example would be a successful purchase message or unlocking of additional game content.

External or out of the game experience includes e-mails of the order confirmation that players receive. Currently, you can customize e-mail content by contacting Monetizr directly. Everything concludes by players receiving the game gear.

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