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Enable Apple Pay

Follow these steps to enable Apple Pay in iOS plugin (optional).

Obtain CSR from Monetizr

To enable Apple Pay in Monetizr iOS plugin and your game start by contacting us. Monetizr will create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file and send it to you. You will need to send it back as a signed certificate.

Configure Apple Pay

Once you have received CSR you need to sign it and send it back as sertificate (CER) to Monetizr. Read the official Apple Pay requirement documentation for more detailed instructions.

Setup Merchant ID

Merchant ID allows Apple to identify your business as merchant that can accept Apple Pay payments. Go to Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles and set up Merchant ID.

Configure your Merchant ID

Setup Apple Pay Payment Processing Certificate

This Certificate is associated with your Merchant ID and allows to decrypt payment information from Apple Pay. In the same Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles where you created Merchant ID also create Payment Processing Certificate. Once done click on Download to retrieve certificate and send the file to Monetizr.

Select Payment Processing Certificate

Enable Apple Pay in Xcode

In Project Editor go to Capabilities and click "ON" under Apple Pay section. You can find more information here. If everything is done correctly you should be able to see Apple Pay button in Monetizr plugin.

In applicationDidFinishLaunching(_:) do the configuration:

  1. Apple Pay merchant ID: "merchant.com.monetizr.sdk" - here you must use your own Merchant ID as described above;
  2. companyName: "Monetization Solutions", appName: "App name" - here you must use your own app name;
Monetizr.shared.setApplePayMerchantID(id: "merchant.com.monetizr.sdk")
Monetizr.shared.setCompanyAndAppName(companyName: "Monetization Solutions", appName: "App name")

You should now be able to see the Apple Pay button in the Offer View .

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Enable Apple Pay

Follow these steps to enable Apple Pay in iOS plugin (optional).

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