Campaign triggers

Campaign triggers are used to catch player's attention and lead players into the Reward Center. Monetizr prepared a set of campaign triggers that act as campaign activation points. Advertisers are able to add and adjust the default triggers, those will be delivered to the game through SDK. Developers can connect default triggers to the game ad placements ex. main screen, level completion screen etc. Triggers can be connected to the different in-game ad placements.

Main benefit of the default triggers what they can be optimized by advertisers within their accounts. By default, all Monetizr's triggers have a link to the Reward Center.

Default campaign triggers

Specified by the advertisers:

  • Mini teasers
  • Full-screen notifications

Additional campaign triggers

Specified by the game developers:

According to the game logic developers can link their own in-game triggers directly to the reward center or missions. As an example: A mission with the reward type "Rewarded Video" can be directly linked to the in-game banner "Watch video and get reward". Read more about additional ad placements.

Best practices

Developers can also adjust the positioning of the main triggers to create a perfect match with the game. Please refer to the SDK documentation.

How advertisers can optimize the campaign triggers

Under the settings panel advertisers can play around with the campaign triggers. Available settings:

Mini teasers settings

{“show_teaser_button”: “false”,  - show or hide

“teaser_no_animation”: “true”, - animate 

“show_reward_on_teaser”: “false”,  - change teaser asset to show reward

“show_campaigns_notification”: “true”,  - show notification on game start 

“teaser_no_texture_animation”: “true” - animate textures on teaser }