Monetizr provides a predefined catalog with offers that you can choose from. This catalog is not limited, we will extend offers and provide specific solutions just for your game. You should view catalog as a starting point so you can experiment with different rewards for your players.

To open catalogs, you will need to authorize, navigate to Offer Manager and click on Catalog.

The catalog provides pre-defined offers that you can integrate in your game directly without customization. You can view available rewards and request to add them for your needs.

Offer details

In the offer detailed view, we provide overall information about specific offer: audience, segments, vendors, use-cases. And even more specific details related directly to specific offer: general information with offers default tag and default application access token.

In the Offer Manager every reward product, connected with offer consists of two parts: general information and specific variant information. A rewards general data holds title, description, and related media files. A variant is, as the name implies, a variation of the reward. The variant settings are used in SDKs and API and offered for player choice. It's important to understand this concept if you plan to build a REST solution for your game.

Examples of different variations are sizes, colors, fits, materials, etc.

Product Variant Parameters

Each product variant holds up to 4 parameters. One of them is always price. The other 3 depends on the product itself. It makes sense to have fit as a parameter for T-Shirts but not figurines.

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