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Claim orders

Create free product giveaways to players.


Steps described on this page assume that you have followed previous steps and read about order creation.

Claim Orders are used to create product giveaways - free products to the players. In this scenario, the costs of the products are pre-payed by the game developer. You will need to contact us to get started with Claim Orders.

Creating Claim Order follows a similar path when doing Built-in Purchase Orders. But after setting up the Checkout process you will need to build a validation logic on your side. This logic has to validate the ability of the player to make a free claim and it should reside on your servers to reduce the chance of fraudulent behavior.

This validation of the Claim is communicated via a webhook.

Validation example

A game developer wants to let players exchange 100 in-game coins for a T-shirt. S/He sends Monetizr player id (or any unique string value) via Claim free product that Monetizr will pass back to game server after the checkout. When a player clicks on the Claim button and completes checkout details Monetizr server will make the request with the previously provided player_id. The game server will then need to allow or disallow the offer claim for specific player_id.

If the player successfully claims the offer then the game developer will reduce in-game coins for the product price and Monetizr will initiate order fulfillment.

Create a Claim Order

Offers must have status claimable before they can be claimed. This status is currently managed by Monetizr and requires legal agreement between parties. It means that you will not be able to create a successful claim process without reaching out to Monetizr.

Once you have offers available with claimable status make sure that no costs are associated with the offer. If you put any price that is not zero (!=0) then the claim will not be allowed.

Lastly, a game server needs to be able to respond with allow/disallow. Setup a webhook with simple token auth and provide access details to Monetizr. If necessary other validation methods can be done upon the integration process.


Completing Claim Order is done with claimorder API method after Update checkout. Make sure no errors are left from the checkout process. Provide the player_id and validate it. If the validation fails then players will be informed that they are not allowed to claim the offer.

If the validation is successful the order will be completed with e-mails being sent out to players with order details. Fulfillment will begin automatically as with all successful orders.

Updated 5 months ago

Claim orders

Create free product giveaways to players.

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