Completing an order


Steps described on this page assume that you have followed previous steps and read about order creation.

When all other REST API implementation steps have been taken you can query order statuses. You can use this information to display post-purchase or post-claim experience in your game. Or you can simply use it for internal analysis and verify the payment amount Monetizr receives from your players.

Step 12: Checking payment status

Once the payment has been submitted to Stripe you can request order payment statuses. Use this to identify whether Monetizr has received successful payment. POST request to paymentstatus (see reference).

Response for payment status will return json. If payment status is completed then Monetizr has started the order fulfillment process and the customer has received information in his/her email.

  'status': 'success',
  'message': "Payment status is 'completed'",
  'payment_status': 'completed',
  'paid': true

For testing purposes remember to use test api keys and test Stripe publishable keys.

Step 13: Show success message to the player

A good practice is to show a success message to the player after a successful order process. You can use Payment status method to request paid status and create a message for the end-user. The content of the message can be anything but in general, it should just convey information that order has been successfully placed. It's a good idea to combine it with some exciting in-game special effects for a more emotional experience.

Steps 14 and 15: Taken care by Monetizr

The last steps described in the overall workflow illustrate how the process ends by Monetizr sending out e-mails to players and fulfilling orders. You do not need to develop anything for these points.

That's it! Hopefully, by completing these steps you can now reward players with physical gear right inside your game. Let us know if you have any problems along the way by contacting us.

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