Connecting to API

Follow these steps to connect to Monetizr's public REST API.

Step 1: Acquire API access token

To acquire access log in to Monetizr Console. There you will find your app token and product_tag that you can use to call the product. Read more about creating account.

Step 2: Create the offer

Log in to Monetizr Console to create your custom offer.

Alternatively - at any time you can connect to Monetizr API and test it with public values. You do not need to register to do that.

Test token "4D2E54389EB489966658DDD83E2D1", include this in a request header.
Test value "T-shirt".

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer 4D2E54389EB489966658DDD83E2D1"

For more details please see our reference guide.

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