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Creating account

If you have followed instructions in any of installation guides you've noticed that Monetizr has provided a generic test access token for everyone. With it you can simply add plugin and retrieve a Sample shirt reward to test plugin functionality and our server response. Now let's see how you can actually customize your products and get them into your game.


Head to app.themonetizr.com and log in with Google. Monetizr uses your Google account information to process login authorization; identify platform features for your account; understand platform usage statistics.

Creating Monetizr account is free. You don't need to be on any of the pricing plans to log in and test platforms' basic functionalities. With a free account, you can log in, create a test offer, and preview them through plugins.

Once you have selected a pricing plan and signed an agreement you will get access to continuously updated features. That includes the option to request samples of products.

Your unique access token

Once you have logged in you will see unique access token that will be specific for your app. You can view it inside an offer in My Offers section. Use this token in the authentication method in each of the plugins.

Access token is visible once you login Console.

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Creating account

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