Creating an order


Steps described on this page assume that you have followed previous steps and set up checkout.

Decide between Purchase or Claim order

All steps until now are general and can be applied to all Monetizr implementation scenarios. Before proceeding further you need to understand whether you want to sell items and receive money? Or do you want to give products to players for free as rewards for game achievements?

Sell products in your game with Purchase Orders (steps below).

Do product giveaways with Claim Orders.

Purchase Order types

Purchase Orders can be implemented in two ways:

  • An in-app purchase within your game's UI. You will need to develop a checkout experience in your game using Monetizr's API checkout and payment methods. Collect product parameters that the player has selected in an Offer View and submit POST checkout to (see reference). This way the player will never leave your game to make the purchase. Read more at Step 7: Create checkout;

  • A webUrl form with preset checkout page layout. You can redirect the player to a website checkout form. Use modal view, web browser or use in-game webview to complete the checkout and let the player create the order. Read more at webview Purchase Orders.

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