Challenges API

Challenges are created for the game developers. They cannot be created from Monetizr Console. Challenges are specifically designed for a game and they are sponsored by a Brand. You will have to contact Monetizr to onboard your game for the challenges.

To acquire your own unique access key, you will need to create an account Creating account. This access key can be used for the challenges as well as for Offers and Giveaways.

Request challenges from the API

The challenges data can be acquired through API Challenges list or through Challenge details.

The challenges details are described in the API reference documentation.

Request player progress for a challenge

The challenge progress returns the progress in % (scale 1-100) format based on your status updates for a specific player-id. The challenges progress can be acquired through API Challenge progress ]

Request challenge assets

Assets are 2D and 3D objects added to the challenge. Assets are available through API Challenge assets endpoint. The assets are available when you request Challenges list and Challenge details as well. Assets are distribute using global CDN for faster delivery.

Update challenge status

Challenge requires status updates, when a player accomplishes a milestone for the challenge you have to send a request to the Challenge status endpoint and update the progress for a specific player.

Claim challenge

Challenge can be claimed when the player has accomplished the competition. To claim the challenge you have to send a request to the Challenge claim endpoint.

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