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Displaying product

Steps described on this page assume that you have followed previous steps and installed Unity plugin.

After installation, the Offer View can be displayed with a single line of code.

MonetizrClient.Instance.ShowProductForTag("Sample shirt");

Behind the scenes

Calling ShowProductForTag(string) will:

  1. If enabled then immediately show a loading screen;
  2. Try to acquire product info using GetProduct(string, Action<Product>);;
  3. If GetProduct failed then log an error and hide the loading screen;
  4. If GetProduct succeeded then immediately call ShowProduct(Product) for acquired Product;
  5. ShowProduct will initialize the product view with basic information about the product and start downloading product images (image download is controlled by the Product object but the Product Page controller waits until all images are reported as downloaded);
  6. When image download finishes the loading screen will be closed.

If required you can have more control over preloading the product page.

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Displaying product

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