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Welcome to the Monetizr Docs! Here you can find resources and guides for using plugins and Console. These docs are technical explanations of how to work with Monetizr. If you'd like to read knowledge base articles please visit the Help Center.

Supported Platforms

Plugins are available for:

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Unity

You can also use our REST API.

About Monetizr

Monetizr is a platform that enables game developers to give or sell physical rewards or external digital goods to players within games. Besides technology Monetizr also provides services that handle reward customization, custom packaging, order processing and player customer support. By order processing we understand handling player payments, shipping and logistics planning and adding item tracking codes on each shipment.

At Monetizr we've spoken literally to hundreds of game developers for desktop and mobile platforms. Takeaway from that is - doing game merchandising is still too complicated. Game developers don't want to think and manage merchandising. They want to focus on game development and it leaves game gear on nice to have list. This is where Monetizr comes in. We'll do all the things required for you to create awesome player experience with your own merchandise.

Use Monetizr to motivate players to do high-value actions such as game achievements, level completions or In-App Purchases. Then reward them by giving away items to them for free or let them purchase your custom gear.

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