What are giveaway offers?

Giveway (or as we reference them claimable) offers are a brand or your own sponsored rewards for the players.

Brand sponsored giveway offers

Monetizr will find the right brand that will suit the game's audience (You will need to contact Monetizr to get started with Brand sponsored rewards). The brand will provide an inventory of rewards, which then will be used as a reward that players can claim within the game's UI for free. Monetizr will set up the automation of the fulfillment of rewards.

Self sponsored giveaway offers

Sponsored offers are a type of giveaway offers similar to brand sponsored, the main difference is that you choose to reward the whale players and pre-purchase specific rewards from Monetizr console.

The main difference between brand and self sponsored offers is who is being billed for giveaway rewards.
You can find information about converting offer to giveaway at Configuring giveway offers.

Giveaway offer requirements

The following steps are required to create brand or self sponsored offers:

How to add giveaway offer to a condition in game?

Monetizr provides rewarding system and fulfillment platform and we cannot change gameplay and game design. The implementation choices are entirely defined by game designers.
Monetizr has developed a game with embedded giveaway offer - Pacman.

Another example implementation is shown in a video below.

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