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Get Started    API Reference

Quick start

Follow this guide to launch the pre-prepared giveaway offer from the Monetizr.

The following steps are required:

Step 1 Authenticate in console:

Go to https://app.themonetizr.com and authenticate yourself.
Read more: https://docs.themonetizr.com/docs/creating-account

Authenticate yourself in the Console using Google auth or register with e-mail

Step 2 Open your offers section

Every user has a pre-prepared offer configured for them upon registration. This offer is configured as a giveaway offer (Read more). You will need to open this offer to view the details of it. To do that - click on View button or on the offer card, this action will open the Offer details (Read more).

My offers tab

Step 3 Check how your offer looks with Pacman or with Tic Tac Toe

You can check how your offer looks with Monetizr Pacman Game or with Tic Tac Toe game. You will need to use your API key and the offer tag (Read more) from the For developer tab.

For developer tab



To check how the offer looks in game: Copy the API key and the Offer tag from For developer tab and open the Pacman Demo. Do not forget to turn on the Monetizr section and refresh the game after you enter your credentials.

Use your credentials with Pacman

Step 4 Invite your developer

You will need your developer to proceed with integration.
To invite your developer, use For developer tab and click on the Invite button. It will redirect you to the Teams section,

Skip this step if you know what to do next and you do not need developers help.

Invite developer

Create your team:

Create your team

And then invite your developer. Give developer a role Administrator as he is most likely the one who will need to configure your settings.

Invite a member to your team

Step 5 Developer: Create the reward center

The following actions will require developer.
Your game most likely already has a rewarding engine (in-game shop, reward center, etc) integrated.

Monetizr can be integrated in your existing rewards center as a rewards list or as a single reward.

To test the reward list you can use our Tic Tac Toe game. Copy your API key from For developer tab and go to https://tutorial.themonetizr.com. Copy your API key in the Monetizr API key field and click on Show Offers button.

Tic Tac Toe game. Copy your API key and click on Show Offers

The Tic Tac Toe reward center will be shown in the pop-up window. You can follow through the Reward center from scratch where we show step by step how to create this reward center.

Your newly created offer in a reward list

If you want to integrate Monetizr as a single reward, you will have to use the offer details API endpoint. To test the single reward integration, you can use the Pacman Game (Read the Step 3).

You (or your developer) will need to integrate the Monetizr API requests into the rewarding system in your game. To do that, you will need to get familiar with the following information.

API methods involved in this step:

Read more:

Step 6 Developer: Add the required webhook

To actually claim (receive reward) the offer, you have to implement player credential checking process. We do this by using Webhooks.

Monetizr use webhooks to validate whether the user is allowed to actually receive the offer. To add the webhook, Go to For developer tab and add your webhook details. Read more about webhooks and what they are used for: https://docs.themonetizr.com/docs/webhooks.
Webhooks are required when the offer is claimed.

Add the webhook for your offer

Step 7 Developer: Create the offer claim request

If you have reached this point, you have some understanding about how Monetizr works, here is a quick reminder:
First: Create offers in Monetizr Console,
Second: Add offers in your game (use our API or SDKs)
Third: Create the claim (action when player says he/she wants to receive this reward) request.

This is the Third step:
The player has to apply for the reward. This step requires the developer (or you) to create a claim request to the Monetizr API. In the simplest integration only the players email is a required parameter as Monetizr has to know where we need to deliver the reward.

Below you can see an example of the Claim request from our Pacman Game.


Test the claim request

  1. Open the Pacman Game;
  2. Turn on the Monetizr: Toggle switch at the bottom of the screen (See the Step 3);
  3. Collect the four burgers playing the Pacman;
  4. Open the Rewards center (to see the button complete the level or pause the game by clicking on the game screen);
  5. Click on the Collect reward button at the Rewards center;
  6. Click on the Claim button;
  7. You will see a congratulations screen and an e-mail will be sent to your provided email with the offers details.

Turn on the Monetizr and collect four burgers, then go to Rewards center.

Enable Monetizr and collect four burgers, then open the Rewards center

Click on the Collect reward button.

When you collect 4 burgers, you will be allowed to click on the Collect reward button

Enter your email and click on the Claim button

Enter your email and claim the offer

You will see a congratulations screen and an e-mail will be sent to your provided email with the offers details.

You will see congratulations screen and an email will be sent to your provided email address with offers details

An email will be sent to your provided email. We use Shopify as our e-commerce backbone, it allows us to automate fulfillment processes.

Email sent to your provided email

API methods involved in this step:

  1. Simple giveaway offer:
  1. Giveaway offer with multiple choices:

See more:

Step 8 Launch

Your giveaway offer is ready to launch.

Follow your offers statistics in Stats section.

Giveaway offer statistics


Choose pricing plan

Monetizr will not enable offer fulfillment process without an agreement. You will need to choose a pricing plan. Contact our sales stuff: [email protected].

Read about pricing.

Step 9 Repeat

Repeat the process with other offers. Customize the offer with your own assets.

Read more about different sections of Monetizr:

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