Integration guidelines

Following requirements are a must-do list of the campaigns integration process.

  • Campaigns must be requested from the Monetizr API server every time the game is started or a challenge has been completed unless the device is not connected to the internet;
  • Sampaigns must be on top of other campaigns;
  • They must display the title, content and the picture of the challenge;
  • If the game has its own campaigns, Monetizr campaigns must look as close to them as possible.
  • Campaigns must not be significantly harder than the game's normal campaigns.
  • The challenge must display a claim button when it is completed. When pressed, a claim request must be sent to the Monetizr API server, the player must be awarded with the award indicated by the challenge (e.g. in-game currency or bonus points), and the challenge must be displayed as claimed.
  • New campaigns should be fetched during the startup of the application and every time a challenge has been claimed.

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