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Link to online web store

Do you want to sell products in your game but don't want to spend more than a few hours to get it done? Then consider using pre-built web store page. You can use it without installing any plugins or setting up a custom REST API connection. In fact, with the web store, you can skip creating an Offer View and order process altogether.


  • Product pictures;
  • Descriptions;
  • Option selector (example - size, fit, color);
  • Payment options and processing.

As with all Monetizr orders, web store purchase orders include order confirmation e-mails and product tracking.

Pre-built web store page

All products that are sold via Monetizr can have a web store version that is available as a website. You don't need to set up a page, manage inventory or connect to payment gateways. It is the fastest way to integrate Monetizr in your app and is best suited for games where opening a web page would not brake the player experience.

Pre-built web store is best suited for when you want to test demand for your game's merchandise. Or offer game gear as a custom project without allocating a lot of resources to manage it.

For best player experience and customization we recommend using plugins or creating your own experience with API.

Pre-built webview.

Launching merchandise web store for your game

Do these steps to start selling merchandise for your game:

  1. Register in Monetizr Console;
  2. Select your desired product from our catalog;
  3. Create your custom product design or contact us and we'll do it for you;
  4. Name your products (you'll use these product names in your game code) and view your unique access token;
  5. Connect to our REST API with your access token and product name;
  6. Use the online store link onlineStoreUrl that is received in API callback to direct players to a store website. We suggest using modal view or webview to let players stay within your app.

That's it! Contact us via [email protected] or chat with us (bottom right corner of this page) to get going.

Updated 11 months ago

Link to online web store

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