Offer details view

Offer details

You can view your offer by clicking on the offer card or by clicking on View button.
The location will be:

As mentioned in integration instructions you most likely will need to show an offer view inside your game (except if you choose the Monetizr as a fulfillment service for giveaway offers - read more ). To show offer view all you need is to specify the Offer tag and the API Key (also known as an App token) in our SDKs or for our API (test the API). Both are visible on each offer under For developer tab. Add these values in your code and when prompted Monetizr plugins will display the offer with available options and purchase process.

Offer details viewOffer details view

Offer details view

If you have any issue when calling for an offer in your game you can quickly check if the API response from Monetizr is working by adding access values in our reference guide.

Editing offer details

You can modify how your offer is displayed using General tab. Here you can modify the Name, Title, Status, Description and Media.

Offer name: Give a meaningful name for classification purposes. The field is not displayed to players, it appears only in the console.

Offer status: You can turn offer on or off. If offer is off it means players won't be able to see the offer in the offers list endpoint. Offer will keep working through details API endpoint and claiming process endpoints(Giveaway offer endpoint and Giveaway with multiple choices).

Offer title: Offer title is shown to the players, use it to describe the purpose of the offer. If you enable translations then you can localize your offer for different languages.

Description: In the offer description you can provide information to your players about the offer. You can include emoticons as well as html tags to make it good looking. If you enable translations then you can localize description for different languages.

Media files: Media files are images that you you can upload and display for the player. You can upload .jpg, .png, .gif, .jpeg. The media files are included in Offer details endpoint.

Offer details General informationOffer details General information

Offer details General information

Offer media filesOffer media files

Offer media files

Request custom design

There are cases when you really need a custom design, created by professionals. We offer this functionality for you. You can request custom design straight out of console. In Offer detail view click on the Request custom design button and we will contact you about the details.

Request custom designRequest custom design

Request custom design

Preview offer

Purchase Offer View is pre-built in all Monetizr SDKs. It is the window where players can see offers, their descriptions, and prices. They can also select their options such as fit and color of apparel. The SDKs built-in Offer View will work for the giveaway offers in the same approach, but the price will be $0.00.

Preview of Offer View on horizontal mobile device.Preview of Offer View on horizontal mobile device.

Preview of Offer View on horizontal mobile device.

You can preview how SDKs built-in Offer View would look for your players by clicking on the Preview button in the Offer Manager.

Preview your offer with example games

You can check how your offer works with a couple of our games:

Both of those games allows you to preview your offer, you will need the API key and Offer tag (read more), both of the required properties are available in For developer tab in the Offer details view.



You have to enable Monetizr at the bottom of the game, enter your API key and Offer tag at the corresponding fields and click on Refresh icon button. Then your Offer will be used in the Reward center as well as for the in-game collectible items (diamonds, burgers, etc)

Check how your offer looks in pacmanCheck how your offer looks in pacman

Check how your offer looks in pacman

Tic Tac Toe


You will need only your API key to test how your offers look in this sample game. You have to paste your API key in the top input field and then you can click on Show Offers button on the top right. This will show all of your active offers in a simulated Reward center.

Add your API key to view your offers in Reward centerAdd your API key to view your offers in Reward center

Add your API key to view your offers in Reward center

We have also included a default Offer preview when a user wins in this game.

Offer view when a player wins in Tic Tac ToeOffer view when a player wins in Tic Tac Toe

Offer view when a player wins in Tic Tac Toe

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