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Offer View

Pre-built Offer view

Offer View is pre-built in all Monetizr plugins. It is the window where players can see offers, their descriptions, and prices. They can also select their options such as fit and color of apparel.

Preview of Offer View on horizontal mobile device.

You can preview how Offer View would look like for your players by clicking on the Preview button in the Offer Manager.

Using Offer View inside your game

As mentioned in all plugin installation documents all you need to show an offer view inside your game is to specify the tag and the app token (also known as an API key). Both are visible on each offer. Add these values in your code and when prompted Monetizr plugins will display the offer with available options and purchase process.

These are the only values you need to specify when connecting to Monetizr servers.

If you have any issue when calling for an offer in your game you can quickly check if the API response from Monetizr is working by adding access values in our reference guide.

Updated 11 months ago

Offer View

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