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What is the best time for a game developer to use Monetizr?

We've found that best time for integrating Monetizr is for games that have already launched and gained some traction with users (D7 retention is close to 40%). Such scenario leads to higher order count from players.
It also can limit the design options and leave space for simple integration examples. Don't hesitate to reach out and try out earlier stage integrations for truly unique experiences.

How reliable are Monetizr services?

Monetizr utilizes Google Cloud Platform for server infrastructure. It makes our API services to have uptime close to 100%. It also allows to automatically scale the server capacity based on demand.

What is the average implementation time?

Implementation time consists of mostly two tasks. First is a question of game design - selecting place and time within the game of when to utilize Monetizr. This is often done together with person who is responsible for game design choices and can take most of the implementation time.
Secondly it's a technical question - how fast can the plugin be integrated and tested. Often this can take up to a day or more if questions arise when testing. Overall though this part of the process takes less time than design related questions.


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