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Online connection

Monetizr is an online service. It does not offer offline mode due to payment processing that requires an internet connection. Monetizr utilizes Google Cloud services for security, high availability and ability to automatically scale server resources based on demand. Though sometimes even the best infrastructure can be unavailable and experience timeouts. In those potential cases, Monetizr has built plugins to die silently and not interfere with any other process.

An important part of plugin functionality is connecting to Monetizr servers. Limiting the ability to make external connections will have an adverse effect on its functionality. Monetize does not collect any data through plugins other than what is necessary for it to function.

Full Control for Game Developers

Monetizr is building its game e-commerce platform with a clear goal in mind - to develop a self-serve solution that allows game developers to either choose products from Monetizr's catalog or design their own merchandise and sell it through their games. No need to think about logistics, shipping, payment processing, and customer support. Monetizr handles all daily operations.
That entails giving Game Developers full control over what's coming in and out through Monetizr plugin. The vehicle of this control mechanism is called an offer. You can control the content of the offer via Monetizr Console.

Currently, you can control these parameters: Header text, Body text, Notification background picture, Call to Action button text, and Product itself. You can modify these values without touching the code or plugin itself.

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