A placement is a specific area in your game where you might want to display sponsored content to your players. All of the campaigns are displayed using placements. As an example, if you want to display a brand sponsored campaign in your application, you will need to use a placement.

Once you have created a placement, you can change the content that is displayed at that placement without changing application’s code. You can think of a placement as a billboard, and the campaign as what gets shown on that billboard.

Placement in game

Campaign placement in gameCampaign placement in game

Campaign placement in game

Brand campaigns has to be included in games reward center or its alternatives. The campaigns are acquired from Campaigns API as a list with the available campaigns for the specific player in the specific game.

Campaign claimed placementCampaign claimed placement

Campaign claimed placement

When a campaign in game has been completed it has to be claimed. The data for the claim screen is available from the campaigns API and available using Unity plugin. The in-game reward is individual for each game upon the agreement and contract.

Player journeyPlayer journey

Player journey

The player journey using the brand sponsored campaigns starts with the in-game notification about the available campaigns. When a player participates in a specific campaign it`s progress should be shown in the game. When a campaign is completed the player then can receive s specific reward for the campaign.

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