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Product Manager

When logged in Monetizr Console you can see a list of products. Products are items that you can customize and display in your game for your players. These products can be sold or given to players for free.

My Products

List contains products that are available for you to call inside via applets. These products are customized for your game by Monetizr manually. Initially this list is empty.
You need to get in touch with Monetizr, sign agreement and select products that you would like to use in your game.

Then Monetizr will then create customized designs that will appear in your My Products section with status Pending approval. You will then approve or reject proposed product designs. Note that you will only be able to view designs through Monetizr plugins that you approve. More on that in the Applets section.


Monetizr Catalog is a list of products from partner manufacturers. It holds template items that can be customized to your game. Found an awesome item you'd like to offer to your players? Click on Request Custom Design button to get in touch and brief our design team.
If there's an item you'd like to offer to your players and it's not on the list just get in touch and we'll add it to your My Products list.

In Product Manager Catalog you can find item templates that can be customized for your game.

In Product Manager Catalog you can find item templates that can be customized for your game.

Header and Variant

In Product Manager every product consists of two parts: header and variant. A product header in essence is the product itself. It holds information about product name, description and pictures of products. A variant is, as the name implies, a variation of product. The variant settings are used in plugins and offered for player choice.

Examples of different variations are: sizes, colors, fits, materials etc.

Product Variant Parameters

Each product variant holds up to 4 parameters. One of them is always price. The other 3 depend on the product itself. It makes sense to have fit as a parameter for T-Shirts but not figurines.

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Product Manager

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