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Shipping and packaging

Do I have to ship everything from my office?

No, Monetizr handles order processing, shipping, refunds and customer support. Additionally we offer designing reward items so that you can focus on your game and let us do the work for you.

Where does Monetizr ship to?

Items are shipped worldwide with some exceptions (contact us to know more). So far we have delivered to more than 56 countries in 5 continents.

How does fulfillment work?

We have partnered with 9 manufacturers in North America, Europe, and Australia. We look for partners who can produce high quality items at scale to ensure timely order and shipment process.
Once order has been made our fulfillment system selects optimal manufacturer based on player's location to reduce delivery times.

What products does Monetizr offer?

We offer more than 40 customizable products. They range from apparel (like t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, a.o.), wearable accessories (hats, enamel pins, socks, a.o.), accessories (decals, coffee mugs, phone cases, a.o.), prints and framed art (posters, canvas prints, photo books, a.o.) to toys (3D figurines, plush toys, jigsaw puzzles, a.o.).
Learn more about products here.

Can I customize the packaging?

Yes. Depending on the product type the packaging can be a cardboard box, paper envelope or a poly-mailer package. You can do basic customization by adding your logo on the packaging or even a QR code inside the packaging to unlock extra content in game. Examples include unique app icon, easter-egg or an unexpected discount code for future IAPs.

How does Monetizr guarantee the quality of items?

Since Monetizr is not directly manufacturing the goods or managing the shipment of those goods it's up to us to select the best providers of these services. Monetizr vets the options when selecting 3rd party vendors to reduce the risk of low quality items getting into player hands.

What happens if delivery is damaged?

In unfortunate case of damaged delivery Monetizr will handle the customer service in terms of returned deliveries or cost reimbursements. In those cases game developers will not be charged with additional costs and they should not worry about this part of the process.

Shipping and packaging

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