I'm unable to intereact with the Monetizr UI

Monetizr UI is created with the Unity UGUI framework. If you are not using UGUI in your game you might encounter an issue where you're unable to interact with the Monetizr UI.

This happens because UGUI requires an EventSystem somewhere in the scene for UI interactions. Unity automatically creates one when you create a Canvas. If you are instantiating UI in a scene where there is none the EventSystem will not be automatically created.

The fix: from the GameObject creation menu (right click in Inspector) create a new UI -> EventSystem.

I can interact with my game's UI through the Monetizr UI


If your game is a mobile game

It is highly recommended to set up the native iOS and Android plugins instead of using the provided UGUI views for mobile games - the native plugin implementations provide a smoother experience and Apple/Google Pay support. UGUI views will still be available for testing purposes and preview in editor. For non-mobile - UGUI based Big Screen is the recommended mode.

Unity is a flexible engine that gives developers great freedom on how to approach the design of their game systems. For some games, developers choose to skip the built-in Unity UI features and use a custom UI framework. The Monetizr Unity plugin uses Unity native UGUI for its interfaces with all related systems.

In some cases, custom UI frameworks do not interface with UGUI well. For example, they do not recognize when UGUI interfaces are blocking other 3rd party UIs. This can cause inputs towards the Monetizr UI to be registered to whatever UI it is being drawn over.

The fix: it is up to the game's developer to make sure multiple UIs don't interfere. The property MonetizrClient.Instance.AnyUiIsOpened will be true whenever ANY Monetizr UI elements are displayed, including the loading screen and alerts. Our suggestion is to check this property when handling inputs in your game and ignore them if AnyUiIsOpened == true.

Additionally MonetizrClient.Instance.BackButtonHasAction is true only when Monetizr UI expects back button input. This can also be used to check whether UI is opened but will report false on the loading screen.

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