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Follow steps in this section to set up and start using Monetizr plugin for Unity.


Requires Unity 2017.2+

Unity 5.6 and earlier are not supported. The plugin uses UnityWebRequest features introduced in 2017.1, and Screen.safeArea for mobile notch handling introduced in 2017.2.

Supports Android 6+, iOS 7.0+ (Android 8+ and iOS 10.0+ for native SDK)


You can install plugin from Github. Import the provided .unitypackage in your project, or paste the Monetizr folder from the Assets folder in your project.


Note about provided code examples

All plugin code is contained within the Monetizr namespace. If given code examples are not working make sure you have using Monetizr; at the top of your C# script.


After importing the Monetizr package, in the top menu, to go Window → Monetizr Settings to continue setting up the plugin.

When prompted, click "Finish Setup". This will create a settings file, which is source control friendly and will ensure that Monetizr settings are saved between updates.

Congratulations! Initial setup is finished and you are ready to use Monetizr, just enter your API access token! Note: if at this point the window simply goes blank, just open it again.

This window contains all the settings for Monetizr. These options are described in more detail throughout this documentation.

Showing the product

Use the public test token 4D2E54389EB489966658DDD83E2D1 to show the product T-shirt.

A product is shown in an Offer View.A product is shown in an Offer View.

A product is shown in an Offer View.

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