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Monetizr uses an open-source component that provides a web view for Unity applications on mobile platforms. You can consult its documentation if you are having build issues related to web view.

iOS and Android

On Android and iOS devices payment page will open within Unity application for seamless checkout experience. It will not open new web browser tab or lead the player outside of game environment.
The view provides only a close button and a back button to prevent unwanted browsing.


Unity WebGL implentation does not natively support opening new tabs. Monetizr uses WebGLOpenLink, which allows opening new tabs from a Unity WebGL application.
If you plan on opening custom links make sure that on WebGL the OpenURL(string) method is called from an OnPointerDown event.

Other platforms

All other platforms such as desktop will use Unity's Application.OpenURL(string). Read more about it here. This method will still be available even if Monetizr Web View is disabled.

Open any web page

The web view provided with the Monetizr plugin can be used to open any web page within the Unity application. The OpenURL method follows the behavior described above.


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Web View

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