Webview Purchase Orders


Steps described on this page assume that you have followed previous steps and read about order creation.

Webview purchase order is the checkout experience using a web form. Use it to save development time and skip building custom checkout experience with built-in purchase orders.

Step 6b: Connect to web checkout form

After connecting to the Monetizr API with your unique authentication token you and requesting your offer you can direct players to a web checkout page. To do so use webUrl that comes as a response to /api/products/checkout . We suggest using a modal view or webview to let players stay within your game.

Example of webUrl checkout form.Example of webUrl checkout form.

Example of webUrl checkout form.

Once the player completes the checkout process using webUrl form and payment is received Monetiz initiates the order fulfillment process. This is the last step you need to do to start selling products in your game via REST API though we encourage you to learn about completing an order and adding payment status checks.

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