What are campaigns?

Campaigns are the main ad units created by advertisers inside the Monetizr platform. Campaigns can include several branded missions, by accomplishing them players receive in-game rewards.

Missions can be interconnected with game events. For example, mission can be locked until player reaches the specific game level or participates in a game quest. If a mission (game event) is completed, then players can be awarded with in-game or brand-sponsored rewards.

Every campaign includes:

  • Brand assets
  • Default branded missions
  • Target audience & game genre preferences
  • Geo-targeting preferences
  • Additional settings

Brand assets

Below are the default assets used in campaigns. You don't need to worry about assets usage inside your game engine if you are using out-of-the-box integration. All you need is to follow SDK integration tutorial and connect the rewards to your game.


Default mission units

  • Rewarded video
  • Playable HTML5
  • Playable UNITY giveaway
  • Ecommerce product cards
  • In-game branded missions (upcoming soon!)

Target audience & game genre preferences

To create a better match with the advertisers developers are allowed to adjust their game gender, demographics filters as also filter out the campaigns types which don't fit within the game style and user base. All setting can be adjusting under your app settings.

Monetizr allows advertisers to filter the publishers for each campaign. 1-to-1 publisher-advertiser cooperation is also possible, please contact us [email protected]


Geo-targeting preferences

Branded campaigns include target audience settings. Campaigns can have a nation wide coverage or preselected US states. Monetizr unique algorithms will select campaigns shown in your app by matching the preferences with the players origin data.


What’s Next