What are campaigns?

Campaigns are calls to players to participate in a competitive situation or a fight to decide who is superior in terms of ability or strength.

Within Monetizr brands sponsor game rewards if players accomplish game events. For example, a player participates in a game quest and completes a mission. If a mission (game event) is completed, then players can be awarded with brand-sponsored rewards.

Monetizr performs brand and game publisher matchmaking and creates campaigns that can be integrated within a specific game. Innovative brands use Monetizr's services to create meaningful, engagement-driven campaigns and become a native part of games. It's a new medium to drive purchases, foot traffic, or subscriptions.

Monetizr use brand-sponsored rewards to motivate and reward players natively from inside the game's UI. Campaigns can be launched in a matter of minutes with programmatic and targeted placements, segmenting the desired player demographics.

The campaigns are created for a specific game by working together with the brand and the game developer. To use campaigns, game developers will need to contact Monetizr.

The campaign process flow is shown in the following scheme.

How campaigns are working within the game?How campaigns are working within the game?

How campaigns are working within the game?

Campaigns can be included in game as a competition items for specific target groups. In the following example a campaign is included in the game rewarding system. When a player collects specified amount of items, then the campaign can be claimed.

Player journeyPlayer journey

Player journey

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