Instructions on how to use Apple Pay

These instructions are linked with Instructions on how to install Shopify for Monetizr SDK​

You can enable support for Apple Pay, which will enable customers to checkout in the product view using their fingerprint or face, instead of providing their credit card details.

Step 1. Obtain an Apple Pay certificate

1.1. Use the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) provided upon request by Monetizr.

1.2. Log into the Apple Developer Center using your developer account.

1.3. Navigate to the Identifiers > Merchant ID s section.

1.4. Create a Merchant ID or select edit on the Merchant ID you want to add the certificate to.

1.5. Select Create a certificate.

1.6. Select Continue. You can skip directions on obtaining a CSR because you will have received one from Monetizr.

1.7. Select Choose File… to upload your CSR.

1.8. Select Generate to generate your certificate, then download it.

1.9. Send the downloaded certificate to

Step 2. Activate your merchant ID in your iOS app

When you’ve sent the Apple Pay certificate, you must activate your merchant ID to make Apple Pay available in your iOS app.

2.1. Configure Monetizr.plist file with your applePayMerchantID

2.2. In Xcode, open your project settings.

2.3. Choose the Capabilities tab, and slide the Apple Pay switch to ON.

2.4. Log in to your Developer Account if you’re asked to.

2.5. Enable the Apple Pay Identifiers checkbox next to your merchant ID.

You're done!

You have successfully started using Apple Pay

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