Instructions on how to install Shopify for Monetizr SDK​

3 options how to install Shopify to sell your own game merchandise

Version: 1

Date: 14/06/2019


Find the Shopify Mobile Buy SDK in the provided folder, or use CocoaPods or head to The-Monetizr-SDK github

Option 1. Dynamic Framework Installation

1.1. Drag the Mobile Buy SDK.xcodeproj into your existing project

1.2. Add the ‘Buy’ target as a ‘Target Dependency’ in the ‘Build Phases’ of your project’s target

1.3. Add the ‘Buy’ (second target on the list is the Dynamic framework) target in the ‘Embedded Binaries’ section in ‘Build Phases’

Option 2. Static Framework Installation

If you wouldn’t like to include the Mobile Buy SDK Project within your existing project, you can link directly to the ‘Buy.framework’.

2.1. Open the ‘Mobile Buy SDK.xcodeproj’ and build the ‘Static Universal Framework’ scheme

2.2. Drag the ‘Buy.framework’ that was just created from ‘Mobile Buy SDK Sample Apps’ into the ‘Linked Frameworks and Libraries’ section for the target you want to add the framework to. Check Copy items if needed so the framework is copied to your project

2.3. In the ‘Build Settings’ tab, add ‘-all_load’ to ‘Other Linker Flags’

Option 3. CocoaPods

Add the following line to your profile:

pod "Mobile-Buy-SDK", '~> 2.2.0’

Then run ‘pod install’

#import "Buy.h"

You're done!

You have successfully installed Shopify Mobile Buy SDK.

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