Integration guide for Unity

3 step process to start selling your own game merchandise

Version: 3

Date: 15/03/2019


Step 1. Installation

1.1. Download the Unity plugin Supports iOS, Android, WebGL and Desktop builds.

1.2. Import the package into your Unity project.

1.3. Drag TheMonetizr “prefab” into your first scene.

1.4. Make sure to fill in the following values (API keys are being given per request,


Step 3. Create merch store (optional)

3.1. Create a new view for the merch store. See the wireframe on the right.

3.2. For each product, create a block that consists of both, a product image and a button with the price.

3.3. Link the buttons to the correct product as described in Step 2. Link products


merch_vertical merch_horizontal

Vertical and horizontal

The merch store view can be created in both vertical and horizontal arrangements. See examples:

vert1 vert2 vert3

hor1 hor2

You're done!

You have successfully integrated Monetizr SDK. You can now test it by making a test order.

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